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June 28, 2012    
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Mist, The - The Novella Cut
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Brief Synopsis:
A version of Frank Darabont’s THE MIST that adheres more closely to the original King story, mainly altering the ‘suicide/deaths’ ending to reflect the ‘Hartford/hope’ version from the book.
To create a version that adheres more closely to the original King story, mainly altering the ‘suicide/deaths’ ending to reflect the ‘Hartford/hope’ version from the book.
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Editing Details:
Redone finale, all new footage I created, editing out of ‘padding’ sections Darabont added.

Several sequences have been edited out including Mrs Carmody’s foul language (her character did NOT use it in the book) and her ‘comedic responses’, plus the entire side story of the soldier/check out girl was removed, along with all scenes including the MP in the Pharmacy, and all subsequent mentioning of his character…Opening/closing onscreen titles were added (for ‘Novella Flavor’)…chapter headings were added at key points, and an entirely new ending based on the book finale has now been added.
Cover art by karcreat (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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(Updated: September 09, 2012)

xGrind February 14, 2010 @ 10:30 am

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(Updated: September 09, 2012)

I liked this edit much more than the original version. This version seems much tighter to me and a little more coherent.

I had read the other reviews of this while I was downloading it and decided to do what Flyboy707 says he was doing. I took the time to read the novella first before watching the edit.

There’s not much I can add to what has already been said.

A great first effort and I believe that Karcreat took a so-so movie and made it better.

Review by UnkwnFactor — February 8, 2011 @ 1:39 AM

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(Updated: September 09, 2012)

Karcreat, my sincerest apologies for my “plotholes” portion of my review. This is actually an error on my part. I missed a portion of the FE when we were watching it. I actually finished watching it again last night and need to rescind that portion of my review.

I’d agree with other reviewers, that maybe the MP could be excised completely out of the movie? My goal today is to re-read the novella and get a refreshed view of the pacing and plot of the written material.

After watching this FE a second time, I definitely still believe this is HUGE improvement over the original. As I have said in other reviews of other FEs, I get very tired, very quickly with movies that rely too heavily on CG and action. So any pruning of neddless action and over the top CG stuff is always a good thing to me.

Great job, karcreat and I am definitely looking forward to ver 2.0 from you!

Review by flyboy707 — February 1, 2010 @ 4:41 PM

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(Updated: September 09, 2012)

I started watching this Novella Cut of The Mist and straight away noticed a constant stutter to the avi. This made watching rather irritating. Also the image quality is not that good when compared to a standard avi of the original, which is crisper and cleaner.

I got as far as the shop store and noticed some poorly done audio transitions particularly as the fire engine goes past. The sound fades too quickly and audio is heard from a preceding shot.

The coming of the mist while the characters are being introduced in the check-out lines feels oddly paced. Maybe the removal of the MP informing the soldiers to return to base robs some of the sensation of impending danger, I don’t know but it is strange to feature an MP enter and then leave the shop with no action in between. Why show him at all?

I cheated and skipped to see how the end has been changed. I was surprised because all that has been done is a simple fade-out before the suicides, then a cut to 2 panels of white text over black talking about “hope” and a final shot of the earth covered in mist. This ending does not really bring any resolve to the proceedings and for me is far from satisfying. I assumed from the FE description “Redone finale, all new footage I created” that the ending would be in visual images rather than text. Maybe seeing them drive into the mist, gently disappearing into white and then slowly fading to the last shot of the earth covered in mist would have worked better.

Review by Rock Savage — January 14, 2010 @ 12:48 AM

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(Updated: September 09, 2012)
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I’d totally disregard the previos review by akeserns.
The video is acceptable. It’s not perfect but it’s far from unwatchable.
You can see screen shots at the forum link, on page 7 of the thread, and judge for yourself.

This is the jist of the review that I posted in the forum:

Well this is my second time reviewing this fanedit.
Just to recap, the problems the first time around were technical. A section of video was looped/repeated, the vertical pixelation on the right side and the video quality was well below par.

Those are all solved, I’m happy to say – though the video can still be better.
This is probably because the audio is PCM which takes up massive space so that steals room that could be used for a higher video bitrate.
Just a tip: better to use AC3 audio, like you did the first time, with a video bitrate in the 4000Kbps ballpark or higher… like you did the first time. This would result in a pristine looking DVD.


As for editing, there are 3 very obvious cuts. I don’t recall noticing any the first time around though so I was surprised by this. All 3 of them happen in a 10 minute span – revolving around the pharmacy scene. When they go outside, there is a cut to Amanda holding the boy, which is in the original, but then there is a hard cut back to David outside. Turns out that there was a very short outburst from Mrs. Carmody snipped out.
The other 2 happen in the pharmacy. It’s just obvious there was something missing because the flow got disrupted.
I checked my DVD and it turns out that both cuts have to do with removing the MP.

You probably chose remove him because of what he said, but damn, that is some really good horror right there.
I would rather leave him in and just cut out his offending lines.

For editing choices, I have no arguement – apart from the missing MP and, well, the ending is the same as last time so… meh… I wish you’d lose the snow globe.
Like I was saying, I loved your editing choices for the most part. I know of 2 deleted scenes that you put back in (before going to town and inside the store when David comes back from the loading dock full of blood) and they work wonderfully. Funny thing is that, when watching those 2 scenes, the original feels like it’s the fanedit.
I’m not sure what the 3rd inserted scene is though.

The pacing is wonderful. I don’t know why, but I enjoyed watching this movie more than ever before.
Maybe it’s because I watched it in black and white this time.
It really sucked me in and it truly felt like a roller coaster ride with highs and lows not too far apart.

I enjoyed this more than the original.

I almost forgot about DVD presentation.
It’s a nice motion menu with audio and a chapters submenu as well. Each chapter has a motion thumbnail that gets highlighted when selected.
Very nice.
Karcreat did make a DVD Cover so I had included the artwork in the DVD-ROM folder of the DVD.

So the bottom line:
Technical: 7
Editing Choices: 8
DVD Presentation: 9
Enjoyment: 9

Overall: 8

Review by zeppelinrox — January 12, 2010 @ 9:51 PM

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