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I had to give this one nearly perfect marks - one star docked only because it wasn't 1080p - because it was an absolutely fantastic edit that conveyed the experience of the very short flight - and subsequent rescue - in perfect linear fashion. I adore the original film and would never have thought of a fanedit for it, but when I saw the description of this one, it made perfect sense.

The original event was so quick that in turning it into a film, they couldn't just do a straight beginning-to-end linear tale the way other true story plane disaster films have gone (I'm thinking of Crash Landing: The Rescue of Flight 232, and Miracle Landing, both of which have little in the way of flashbacks or prefacing clips), because it would be too short. As a result, Sully jumps back and forth all over the place, with nightmare alternative possibilities, emotional aftermath, and the NTSB's attempt to blame Sully himself for not landing at a proper airport. This edit undoes all of that and goes back to "well, what if it WERE just like the other films?" It may not be a full film's length, but it really has the emotional impact, and underscores just how much of a miracle the entire thing was, just how amazing a story it continues to be to this day. Major kudos on this project! I'll be showing this to my family for sure.

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