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As a big sci fi buff, 2001 has been an iconic film in my collection for years. It's not my favorite film, but I appreciate it for its groundbreaking effects and psychedelic imagery and its impact on future films/TV, including Space: 1999 and Star Wars.

As to Pink Floyd, I've been a listener for years with "One of These Days" off of Meddle being one of my all-time favorite Floyd songs... the reverberating bass on good speakers sounds INCREDIBLE. The fact that the movie starts with this track IMMEDIATELY drew me in.

For the most part, I think the musical selections really work. "Grooving with a Pict" works EXACTLY where you would expect it to... Welcome to the Machine, excellent. There are a couple of moments where I felt *something* of more impact should occur at specific scenes (the iconic tossing of the bone/seeing the first spaceship, for example), but these are merely personal preferences. One of the things I appreciate is utilizing some lesser-appreciated tracks as background music; many of these tracks are not really "listening" music, but work great as "soundtrack" music. So, a handful of tracks the average listener will ignore/skip when listening to an album have a new life when put to film.

The audio is clean; I observed no issues. The mix between dialog and music appeared masterfully done to my ears. I know I knocked 1 star on Audio Editing, but this is ONLY because I think a couple of scenes needed a little more "umpf" than the music provided.

I recommend everyone give this fanedit a watch/listen, ESPECIALLY if you are either into Science Fiction or (earlier) Pink Floyd. There are a handful of "key era" songs from around Dark Side of the Moon, but this is one of the best ways to expose yourself to some of the earlier, more psychedelic tracks.

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