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Special Projects September 10, 2023 1344
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Ok so first off I knocked off a star on enjoyment because I totally fell asleep!!

A/V gets a moderate score because we were only able to obtain quite a low-rez file and it does deserve a better presentation. I feel this is fair because really its just because it gives me some critique and I want any reader to take it with a pinch of salt as Cynical Cinema says they will be going to another download site and will likely have it sorted anyway, and 10/10 is quite boring all the time anyway. Editing jams well although sometimes I thought the levels might have been adjusted slightly to suit the cuts but again I fell asleep and this may have been an observation of a half opened eye, or maybe I just dreamt these moments. Narrativity is of course a strong point and Im throwing a solid seven stars at it to kind of balance the look of the tally board there. I know, right?

Just consider this as the only way to watch 2001ASO and after one or two tweaks with some input from other Pink Floyd officianados it certainly has room for a place in the halls of perfection that are FEORG ;)

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