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FanFix November 26, 2022 1435
(Updated: April 18, 2023)
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The first rescoring project I have seen, generally excellent quality and editing. Only slight issue I found is around 1:04:35, where the original music fades to a rescore piece, there are a few pops (like record scratches) during stargate sequence (most noticeably at 2:07:40) but I suspect that they are original to the source and I wouldn’t know where to start in this regard!

Being a fan of the original I was surprised at how easily I accepted the rescoring, though perhaps I shouldn’t be considering that the music is (largely) simply back in its intend place. It’s interesting to see how similar some parts of Alex North’s work matches the temp track that became permanent and other parts are quite different but still work really well.

Immediately noticed a few places with music present where there was previously none before, it has the expected effect of making the story feel less dry and more like a conventional narrative film. Noticed this most prominently with Dr Floyd aboard the space station and various EVA pod scenes, has the effect of humanising the situations where I feel that in the original Kubrick did as much as possible to make a “sterile” atmosphere a computer the character the audience most empathises with. The only place where really I missed the absence of music is when David is disconnecting HAL, personally find that the addition cushions one somewhat from what is shown happening onscreen, the original feeling more “intimate”.

Not sure if it can replace the iconic classical selections for me, but I could quite believe that if somebody had this version for their first watch they could quite easily hold the opposite view. For all the acclaim Alex North attained with his other work it still warms the heart to see him credited onscreen and no longer (for most viewers) a footnote in this film’s history, thanks ScottCrane for all your efforts!

UPDATE: Just acquired the revised version, the complete removal of the temp' track at 1:04:35 is done seamlessly, now there is even less to separate the versions in terms of preference.

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