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2010 is a film that's biggest problem is that it's not 2001. The best film of the '60s and at least a decade ahead of its time, 2001 looms large over this movie, and so the theatrical cut to some extent tried to do its own thing. I've always appreciated it for that in its own right, but it certainly doesn't have the same rewatchability or hold the same fascination as 2001. This edit seeks to change all that.

There are two primary narrative cuts: firstly and most importantly, it ditches the newly-ghostly/energy-being Dave Bowman visiting his loved ones at various points on Earth. This always made the theatrical film drag for me, and seemed especially like small potatoes compared to the big themes of the rest of the film that tried to tie back in to 2001. Secondly, all of the USA/USSR distrust and Cold Warring is cut out. The crews still have some tension, but this is no longer a central narrative of the film and does not introduce any last minute roadblocks in the finale. While this can make the film feel a bit simple, and it honestly would've been a valid commentary on the time, it does rather anchor the film in a dated historical POV. I think to have the main resolution of the film be "we countries have to work together because there's bigger stuff at stake" is just a bit old skool and on-the-nose, and this ties back in to 2001 better when the resolution is more focused on extra-terrestrial concerns.

And that's the other main aspect of this edit: to bring the film closer in line with 2001 stylistically. The replacement of the synth score and removal of voiceover do a lot to make that happen. I found the new classical selections to be highly-engaging and perfectly edited in, lending a gravitas and beauty to the space scenes that's heightened by supporting footage from other astro-films. Occasionally some of the old 2010 film footage looks a bit drab or even blurry by comparison, but it's a small price to pay. The new title card inserts are very well done as well!

The only thing I'd change really is the several-minute overture at the start, which just seems like a weird Roadshow style choice at odds with a trim 90 minute film. Besides that, this is really a flawless edit of an already good movie. It's a shelf-replacer for sure, and one that I think now works excellently as the Answer to the Questions of 2001. Watching them in a pair is now not only enjoyable, it's almost obligatory!

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