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The editing here is superb, and the quality of chopping these 2 films together is top notch.

Unfortunately, the weak spots of the film are from the prequel. I hated 300 Rise of an Empire completely. Outside of the origin of Xerxes, the prequel was just garbage...and sadly, while the editing and pacing here was really well done, I still had zero interest in the 300 Rise characters or plotlines. The original 300 bits are still equally as good as they ever were, but it's obvious where the shift in tone and color scheme take place when switching between films, and I just didn't give a crap when the Rise parts came into play.

I was just hoping that the Rise portions would be minimal, which they weren't. I feel like the Spartan story took a backseat to the sub-par Rise bits in this edit. We never really got to know the Spartans before the war, although we got history on the main characters from Rise. It's a shame because the quality difference between 300 and Rise is huge. I feel like Rise is better off a secondary supplementary material than being a focus.

If anything I would have cut the stupid sex fight between Eva Green and whats-his-face from Rise. That was just dumb. I was hoping at a minimum, this edit would omit it, but alas it was still there.

I can't knock the quality of this edit though. Technically, it's a very professional edit. I just was hoping to much less Rise and retain the majority of 300. And the majority of my 7/10 score for enjoyment here goes to the original 300 bits.

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