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(Updated: February 26, 2024)
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I'd say this is a really interesting way to view The Terminator, well worth viewing for fans of the series.

-many of the cuts remove scenes/parts of scenes that don't add to the story and possibly detract from it
-removal of all scenes from the future provides a very unique viewing experience
-removal of title card explaining the film improves the experience
-color, lighting, and audio adjustments blend well and do not detract from the film at all
-shortening of mannequin scenes helps
-addition of deleted scene of microchip being found

-removal of Reese's dream and falling asleep in the car entirely (elaborated below)
-removal of "it's a good field dressing" scene, "with these weapons?" scene, and all future scenes feels a bit heavy handed

- Would like to see the eye surgery scene be replaced with the remastered #2 version by StoRyx K on Youtube (noticeable improvement) - LINK -
- Would like to see the ending chase scenes replaced with the remade blender animation by StoRyx K on Youtube (not perfect, but noticeable improvement) - LINK -
-Would like to see some scenes of the future returned (elaborated below)

This is an excellent and unique viewing experience well worth a watch. While I agree with the vast majority of the decisions made here, and feel they improve the film dramatically, not having any future scenes at all really detracted from the experience. The removal of all future scenes is understandable with the editor's goals, but I think having one at the very beginning of the film, and some small flashes during Reese being asleep would be ok. I think it would be possible to show some quick shots of say, the treads going over the skulls, then Reese waking up, without it being a full several minute endeavor. Removing them entirely along with the other cuts also makes the first film quite short. I have considered attempting to add some of the future scenes from later Terminator films that look better (for example, adding the ones from T2, then putting the one from T3 into T2 minus the bottle falling). All in all, though, it made for a very enjoyable and unique experience. Thank you for your hard work - on my way to review the raymix version of T2! :D

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(Updated: May 01, 2024) February 25, 2024
1. I didn't use the Flower/Reese cries scene, yet you bring it up several times.
2. There is no 4K of The Terminator to source from, so that's not currently possible.
3. I also like StoRyx K's work, but not replacing the original effects shouldn't be held against this edit.

Glad you liked the edit.
Thanks for the review!
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