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FanFix November 02, 2022 1530
(Updated: February 26, 2024)
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-many small changes that make a big difference
-many of the cuts remove scenes/parts of scenes that don't add to the story and possibly detract from it
-removal of all scenes from the future provides a very unique viewing experience
-removal of a lot of cheesy scenes throughout dramatically improves the seriousness of the horror/thriller vibe

-no 4k version with high quality audio
-time portal opening/closing scene shortening feels unnecessary
-removal of all shots from viewpoint of terminator feels a bit heavy-handed, mainly would like to see the minigun/grenade launcher "0 casualties" shot returned as it adds to the charm without being cheesy, compared with, say, the smile scene which is cheesy as hell (guilty pleasure scene :D)

-Would like to see the Terminator 2 eye fix scene by CORDZ added. This adds subtle eye movements to the ending scene where the terminator's eye is not moving in the film. It is beautiful work - LINK -
-Would like to see some scenes of the future returned (elaborated below)
-Would like to see the bike jump scene in the canal replaced with the updated 4k version (can clearly tell it is stunt double)
-Would like to see a 4k version (I know the 4k blu ray is considered a bad transfer by many, but I prefer that version even though I am definitely in the minority)
-Would like to see the end credits scene removed, as this films existence should mean no more future war, otherwise everything leading up to this point has been pointless

I consider this a damn good edit of T2. The removal of the future scene at the beginning is the biggest detraction for me, as I feel showing few scenes of the future is better than none because we get to see what will happen if they don't stop it. Without that, it lessens the impact of both T1 and T2. I'd like to see the T3 future scene added (minus the bottle dropping) to the beginning of the film. Definitely my favorite fan edit of T2 so far. No 4k and no future scenes detract enough for me to keep me from saying it is better than the original, but the massive improvements mean this is edit is a must-have in any terminator series fan's library. Thanks to the editor for your hard work!

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