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FanMix August 24, 2022 2108
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Honestly, the edit is ok.
Theres certain things I would have changed or removed and there are still some issues like the Junkie XL tracks clashing with the Sonic music at times, and certain things that should have been removed. Also, please stop using the Unleashed themes. My god, I love unleashed, but using the "Dark Gaia" part of the theme repeatedly gets really annoying after a while.
Though removing the bar scene in Sonic 1 was a solid move and specific edits were great.
Its honestly a mixed bag. 7/10 due to good editing and decent direction, but needs some work to really work as well as other fanedits.

Some notes:
The intro narration is iffy as while it works to a point, the transition from Sonic 2 to 1 and inconsistent voice over from Tails to Sonic seems wrong.
T-202 is right and the fake wedding part is cut as it cuts after the "Good lord there's two of them" line, and then cuts back to tails lying on the tree and rachel's plot is done. Though GUN commander is still in the background which I don't blame him for not cutting since that requires after effects or similar software to painstakingly remove from every frame.
GUN also shows up in green hills with Tom and Maddie seemingly (though not explained) being the reason for it. Robotnik is also all of a sudden there without a scene showing this and its unclear why GUN knows eggman is there.

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