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FanFix February 28, 2021 3623
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It now does look and feel like a real Die Hard movie, not the best one, but we already knew that.

This is my new go-to version and it salvaged that movie for me considering I used to despise it at some point. The editor did an awesome job combining both versions of the movie and the deleted material. It makes the movie more consistant and much more fitting with te others.

The recoloring was very welcome and that Sinatra song... It felt so good and it had no right to work so well, but it did !!! So thank you and congratulations on such a brillant idea, it sets the tone for the entire movie.

I was a bit on the reserve about the punching sound effects on the deleted car park scene after reading some comments but it was not distracting in the end and it has nothing to do with the fan editor.

I have one nitpick though at the end, I would have ended the movie just after Lucy starts running and right before the slow motion silent talking and made the rolling stones song kick earlier to replace the orchestral soundtrack, a bit like in the fourth movie. But that's just me and rest assured that this edit is the greatest version that this movie can be.

So to anyone reading this, go for it, that movie has been redeemed !!! Thank you very much Malthus ! :-)

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