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I had no real issue with the theatrical cut; it’s a great slice of Hollywood cheese, and classic execution of the three-act formula, with great dialogue. But the idea of making the film more “legally accurate” was an interesting one. I’m not a lawyer, so I’m going to have to take lapis’ word that his changes achieve the desired outcome. From my perspective though, most of the cuts (amounting to 20 minutes) are free from any negative impact on the narrative. The story still comes across well, and it certainly feels tighter. I think my only qualm is the decision to cut the scene after Dan calls Jo “galactically stupid” and she runs off, instead leading us straight into everyone being buddy buddy again. Dan's apology to her is vital character development, and we know that she is insecure about what he thinks of her from their date scene, so it’s not something she would just “get over”.

Beyond that, occasionally there would be an establishing shot that felt short, but I wouldn’t say this negatively impacted the pacing, so much as it felt a little unnatural as a visual edit. Eliminating the code red scene itself and moving the flashback to the start was a smart move I think. I immediately noticed and liked the new opening. Sets the tone well but still keeps us in the dark on some details.

Visual/audio editing largely seems good, but the cutlist isn’t detailed so I’m not really too sure on the quantity or placement of cuts and I’ve not seen the original for a while to compare. A handful of changes were obvious to me:

- 5:17 - fade works, but audio transition is a bit abrupt. Would work better either to have the music from the next scene lead in earlier, or to not have any music toward the end of the prior scene
- 8:31 - this cut felt a bit off. possibly due to visual continuity
- 16:51 - audio transition a bit rushed
- 23:27 - something feels off here. I think it’s possibly because the marines get up abruptly and without being dismissed/there being a clear end to the meeting.
- 1:39:28 - visual continuity - Dan is mid-walking then standing in the next shot

Visual quality isn't peak, but it's excellent for the file size. Enjoyment is high - the film still holds up and this is a largely satisfying alternative. It'd be interesting to see a review or two from any legal professionals that may exist in the community.

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