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I have to say that I very much enjoyed this edit and I'm sure it will be my go to version of Freddy vs Jason in the future. The intention was to make the movie take itself at least a little more seriously and I think that that was accomplished.

There were definitely some changes I absolutely loved. The flashbacks to previous F13 movies was a nice touch. The new title card looks amazing and having a simple title card replace the over the top graphics of the original intro was a very welcomed change. Replacing the dated music from that with a great piece from the original score really helped set the tone for the movie right out of the gate. Mark's death scene has been significantly trimmed from its original form and its totally for the best. Proof that sometimes less is very much more. All the cringe inducing lines that I can think of have been eliminated without any noticeable cuts. Kia taunting Freddy has been SIGNIFICANTLY trimmed which is great and very much warranted but it does unfortunately make the scene seem off a bit. Definitely the lesser of two evils though.

The reason for the 9 on visual editing is simply because I feel that there were a few deleted scenes edited in a bit awkwardly. A deleted scene introducing Will and Mark is then followed by an establishing shot and then right back to Will and Mark. A conversation between Will and Mark in interrupted by Kia picking up Laurie and then it's instantly back to Will and Mark still having the same conversation. This made these scenes seem very distracting to me. Everything else was edited wonderfully without me noticing any cuts made by the editor.

I do find it hard sometimes watching a fanedit as a fan editor because a part of me is like "why did you delete this" or "why did keep this?" That of course all just comes down to personal taste and obviously there's no right answer for what should be cut and what shouldn't. With this edit there was literally only one other thing I wish had been deleted and that is Jason throwing the raver 60ft in the air. Always seemed a bit cartoonish to me.

A truly great edit that takes a very dated and flawed film and brings a lot more quality into it. Highly recommended for fans of either franchise or horror in general. Great work!
Owner's reply June 26, 2020

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the new opening! I tend to agree with your points about the deleted scenes but I was somewhat limited by the editing of the actual movie.

For instance, the conversation between Mark and Will in the van is split in two in the theatrical version as well, but instead of cutting to Lori and her friends, it cuts to...a useless outside shot of the van.

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