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(Updated: September 02, 2020)
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Although I am a fan of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" and having seen all Freddy's movies, I didn't see "Freddy vs. Jason" upon release due to the bad critics. I almost forgot about the movie, but after discovering The Butcher's cut I decided to give it a chance, hoping for a cut mending all the not so good moments of the original movie.

As a first time watch, I think it was really good. I couldn't find anything out of place. After the movie finished, I looked at the changes made and did a quick look at the original version to compare, and saw big differences. The opening sequence, the goofy CGI removed, the OST, the recolor of some scenes... everything was so much better than the original making an enjoyable cut of a so and so movie.

I would have kept some of the sassy comments by Freddy though. I think he should say "bitch" so much more, but that is just my opinion.

Thank you for letting me see your cut!

Audio/Video Quality: 10
Awesome quality and two different versions 10gb and 20gb. I saw the latter and it was flawless.

Visual Editing: 10
The film looks so much better without the goofy CGI and some weird choices of scenes that have been cut from the edit leaving a cleaner version. All the cuts, trims and deleted scenes are perfectly incorporated in the movie and nothing seems out of place.

Audio Editing: 10
Perfect too, especially the change in some parts incorporating the original scores from the classics.

Narrative: 10
Well structured. Not a single complaint.

Enjoyment: 10
I really enjoyed the movie for what it is, a mindless slasher. That is what is was looking for, and looking at the changes I feel it is much better than the original.

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