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This is what I think you'd call a light cut. Pretty much everything you remember about the original is still there but with most of the extra silliness taken out of it. So the infamous fire engine chase is still there, yet somehow it doesn't seem quite so silly anymore. Of course, I know what was taken out because I've read the changes / edits. But watching it, it didn't feel like I was missing anything.
I viewed this as a Bond fan, and as a viewer, not an editor so I'm not going to comment on the quality of the edits other than to say, I didn't really notice anything jumping out at me as not being quite right. Quite the opposite. It all just felt right. I remember seeing this as a teenager when seeing a Bond film was the one film each year you went to the cinema to see. It was an experience, even if, in the end, Bond wasn't what he used to be.
So what did I miss? Or rather, what did I notice wasn't there? The Beach Boys. That's all. But I also remember thinking, even back then, how silly that scene was, and thank goodness, it's been removed. Apart from that, I didn't really notice that anything in particular was missing. Of course, I noticed that some sequences somehow didn't seem quite as long as I remembered, but it actually made for a better film, because, as the editor said, the intention was just to remove the silliness, and that he's achieved admirably. A superb edit. Thoroughly recommended.

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