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FanFix July 25, 2020 4966
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This was near perfection for me… What an experience the film becomes, with this edit!

Other reviewers have talked here about the plot changes, which definitely worked for me. I’d highlight the removal of the pirate attack (why and how would that even work…), the gun firing (they should know why that’s a bad idea in the first place…) and the rest of the scene around it, because the way it’s edited now changes the character building for the better.
Most importantly, the removal of the “shock wave surfing” at the end, which was baffling for me. I mean, do the original authors even though for 1 second about physics… And the new ending, it really works like this.

The highpoint of the edit is, without a doubt, the score. It reminded me of another fanedit, “Annihilation - Noitalihinna” (by The Scribbling Man) which was also trying to rescore the film to recover the theme of the original story/book.

The audio experience is now, throughout the entire film, haunting, melancholic, evocative, poignant, discomfiting, ethereal… It both elevates and guides the story and the feelings evoked by it.

Let me say it: when I watched the original film before, I decided that I never needed to watch it again, it had too many flaws in-between the good parts. Now, I predict I’ll rewatch this version a number of times, probably after any sci-fi film that tries and fails to do what this fanedit now does: to tell a science fiction story that is more about looking thoughtfully to ourselves than anything else.

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