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(Updated: October 02, 2023)
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This is a near perfect fix of a movie that I would never have considered re-watching. I found so much of the original to be strange and uncompelling, and I actually wondered if he was autistic rather than abandoned. I mean I suppose it could be both but in this cut his closed off disconnected nature clearly comes from his father's abandonment, as I'm sure it was intended to be.

I have nothing to add regarding the actual editing because it is technically perfect. The only thing I noticed, which I'm not sure if it was in the original, was a reused shot of him kicking his leg floating asleep during the 80-day trip to Neptune.

Putting in the effort to actually go read a book to inform your decisions on the narrative was above and beyond, and it shows. Even your rationalization for keeping the monkey part (a bit which I personally found completely ludicrous) made it somehow valuable to the overall experience. I doubt there would be a way to edit it out anyway given the Captain's fate but somehow it made more sense in your cut.

Also I can't tell you how happy I was to see that you removed the moon pirates. Like come on now, how would they even exist. They just have to wait for a car to come by so they can scavenge air?? Get outta here.

Overall you took a movie that annoyed, bored, and somewhat angered me and you actually made it into something I would watch for a now-third time. Well done!

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