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I sort of stumbled into this edit as I saw a review that was posted. This was a movie I intended to watch for a second time, but was hesitant because I felt it was bloated and filled with too many distractions. I knew there was a solid movie in the theatrical if only much of the excess was removed.

Overall, my review will avoid reiterating almost the exact sentiments of the two prior reviews of this edit by redbeard and jasonflippey. In summary, the editor did an excellent job of condensing the movie to make the focus on internal psychological struggle and the dynamics of difficult family relationships mixed in with a fun space movie. The rescoring of the film helped elevate the emotional impact.

I will discuss in more detail what other reviews did not touch upon - the ending. I fully agreed that Roy surviving by using a nuclear blast was completely absurd. That cut was the correct decision. However, the editor cleverly edited the ending in a craftily ambiguous manner. We see Roy floating in space juxtaposed with images of him reuniting with his estranged wife. Was this meant to convey he survived, or was it simply an illusion in his mind for the ideal life he wished for? Perhaps that open-ended close to the movie was deliberate to allow the viewer to decide. The closing music was also very powerful and gets your emotions swirling. Regardless of the editor's intent, I have always been a huge fan of movies that have these ambiguous endings that really put the viewer in a position to think about different scenarios. Nothing wrong with using your brain!

I want to thank the editor for sharing the edit with me. I enjoyed it and definitely believe others will as well. Strongly recommended.

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