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TV-to-Movie October 01, 2017 4091
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DSM2337 is back with the latest installment of the Agents of SHIELD TV to movie fanedit, and this is the best entry yet in my opinion.

Not only does it take the best elements of the tail end of the first season, in which the overall quality of the show had improved considerably post the events of Captain America The Winter Soldier. The edit gets straight to the point, but it sometimes feel like it's jumping from scene to scene too fast, an issue that is unavoidable in this type of project and is also present in the two previous entries and gets a 9 on Narrative.

Audio and Video quality are top notch, this edit finally boasts a crisp 5.1 audio track, getting full marks for A/V quality. Video looks great, its like playing a bluray, a solid 10. Some minor fades and bumps can be noticed if you really are looking for them but they can be overlooked in the grand scheme of things, so Audio editing gets a 9.

Enjoyment, full marks; I'll take this edit over the episodes any day.
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