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TV-to-Movie August 30, 2016 5658
(Updated: October 05, 2016)
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Bravo, congratulations are in order to you for creating an even better second part in the new AoS trilogy! From the very beginning, improvement leaps of the screen with not only superior picture quality (little to no pixelation/artifacts) but the narrative is jump started from a tense, fast paced opening that gets us to the main plot immediately. As DSM2337 has stated, the episodes following the mid season finale became a lot more focused. Combine that with a talented editor who not only knows what he's doing but is very creative and clever with how he goes about crafting this project. The episodes used flow nicely without interruption, same with audio cuts as they should, the 35mm grain is a bit more evenly spaced out this time and is more noticeable (as it always should be in fine detail aiding). While I can't find any large issues that detract from my enjoyment, I can however make a small suggestion- the color grading, while far from bad can maybe be tweaked for a finer color contrasting. Just a quick thought, since I can't recommend this enough for any MCU fan or even a AoS critic.
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