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TV-to-Movie May 24, 2016 12777
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As I have said before on the forum page, I thought the first half of this season was ok at best. Plagued with filler "freak of the week" episodes, cliche jokes and other problems, many have dropped the show after only a few episodes and haven't picked back up. Me, however, stuck with it and haven't regretted that decision at all. I believe this edit here fixes a majority of those problems and is worthy of being a part of the MCU. You managed to bring out the well written banter and dialogue, better pacing, good character moments and a single/focused narrative that was not only interesting but worth being invested in. And, as I also stated there a few problems with the edit (I noticed that these are/have been fixed) such as audio/video transitional problems that are jarring on a first view basis, and some pretty noticeable pixelation/blockiness (I suggest neatvideo to easily fix it if not already thought of). With all that said, this is definitely worth checking out and placing next to any MCU dvd/blu ray source on the shelf. Can't wait for the next installments in this series!

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