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Laughed some more.
Good work L8!

This was an interesting experiment by L8wrtr, trying to recreate the original unreleased version of Anchorman that was rejected by preview audiences and ordered re-written/re-shot by the studio. And based on the limited information available, I think L8 has done a remarkable job.

The new narrative merging material from WAKE UP with ANCHORMAN works pretty well for the most part, though there is some unevenness (such a Carell's portrayl of Brick), but I can easily believe this is pretty darn close to the original version. Which makes me understand why the studio ordered the reshoot of the film. To me, most the scenes featuring the Alarm Clock gang alone are just not that funny, especially when compared to the rest of the material. For example, the bank heist scene with Amy Poehler just sits there limp and lame. On paper I am sure it sounded funny, particularly with Poehler's delivery. But in reality, while I smiled through it, it did not have the same high insane energy as the rest of the scenes featuring Ferrell and cohorts. But this is not a detraction of the edit. If any thing, this is just a reaffirmation that L8 achieved his set out goals.

This is a definite improvement over the original WAKE UP RON BURGUNDY. It is a fuller, more satisfying entertainment experience. It is still a bit uneven and has some flat moments (IMO), but if you have watched ANCHORMAN to death and are looking for an alternate funny adventure featuring the Channel 4 News Team, then this is the fan edit for you.

Thumbs Up and Stay Classy!
Thanks for the Laughs L8!
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