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Ron Burgundy will always have a special place for me, I saw it at time in my life when I was having some troubles. I went into the film not knowing that much over then it was a comedy and for 90mins it did it's job in putting a much needed smile on my face. a few years later when I discovered there was a sequel of sorts I had to check it out.

Being a film made out of deleted scenes and most notably a story that was dropped from the film Wakeup Ron Burgundy has it's moments and overall is pretty good. The rip the lid of it and Mother Nature scenes I believe are just as funny as anything that was included in the theatrical version. But it's easy to see why test audiences rejected the alarm clock gang as the acting isn't fantastic and the strength of Anchorman is clearly within our main characters.

L8WRTR edit puts back the alarm clock gang story and keeps the story of Ron and Veronica romance. The prospect of 2hr cut that combines footage from the two versions seems like a great idea however for me this was too long with many scenes feeling unnecessary and overall it slowed down the narrative and enjoyment I have when watching Anchorman Man.

For instances were told Veronica has a report at the cat fashion show its then some 30mins before we see this on screen. Champ declaring his love for Ron whiles funny in the Wakeup version here it just slows down the pace of the film as were nearing the end. The alarm clock gang are also off screen for too long, and the killing of Baxter the dog was again unnecessary considering there is a scene of him falling into the arms of a new family.

The edit also suffers from not having the funniest scene from either film that being the anchorman news fight. This scene along with a few over scenes would have introduced us more to West Man Tooth character. In this version he just appears towards the end without any real indication as to the funny rivalry they have between one another.

from a technical side this edit this well done as we weave in and out of the two version, overall though the edit for me feels like a work print in that there is a good edit within here, though it would benefit from having a further 30 mins cut.
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