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I remember being excited for this movie when it was coming out back in 2004, only to be super disappointed. It was a total mess, from the direction to the story, to the acting, casting, EVERYTHING. I felt like only snippets worked, but it was just an trainwreck.

Well I just got done watching KmartKid's edit of Alexander and I am incredibly impressed. At first, I thought there is no way to fix this movie no matter how much you change. It turns out cutting 57% of the movie and making tons of other edits is a good way to start! While it's impossible to make this a great film, there was enough meat left to make it a pretty good one.

Some great choices include removing Angelina Jolie and Rosario Dawson's characters almost entirely. They're great actresses who were just terrible in this film. Also making a change to the score was a bold move. Sometimes the 1492 score takes me out of the moment, but most of the time it gives the movie an almost dream-like feel. Overall, it mostly works, and at the very least it's amazing how consistently woven it is throughout. Stripping away all of the multi-love triangles was a fantastic choice. They just kept making the original film more muddled, and added to what people didn't like about it.

Overall, I'd say the edit turned a D- movie into a solid B. B- if you want to be harsh. KmartKid did an incredible job of elevating a movie that should have been unsalvageable. Great work!

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