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(Updated: January 11, 2024)
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This was a very well made edit with just a few visual and audio issues. The narrative issues I put solely at the feet of Oliver Stone for making such a convoluted and frankly boring war epic. Thankfully Kmartkid has shortened it by half so it is at least twice as enjoyable!

When you watch it like this, with most of the garbage removed, you can see the core story of a man who wins a battle, takes an empire, walks across Asia, receives an arrow wound, almost makes it home, and maybe dies of poison? It's a very strange story but there really doesn't seem to be a way to fix it. Cutting out all of the in-fighting, the first marriage, his banishment, and several of the *many* side characters, it all works for me.

The critical consensus is that the movie is a D to an F, scoring an average 30% approval, so for me to say I enjoyed this at an 8 is really speaking to the skill of Kmartkid's scene selections. I think just a little more illumination into the cause of his death would have been appreciated (although I correctly assumed poison). Keeping in more regarding his homosexual relationships would make this more historically accurate, as the edit dances around it but never commits, but it might be tough due to the removal of Rosario Dawson. Lastly it feels like a sin to remove Anthony Hopkins from anything, but I get it.

Overall, excellent work grabbing the main chunks of the movie and keeping us on track from his childhood to his death! A pretty fun watch!

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