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Oliver Stone's Alexander was a perplexing and absolute disaster of a movie. It had so much potential but was done a great disservice by Oliver Stone's massive ego and incoherent writing. He's always been great about coming up with cool ideas but the execution of those ideas always leaves something to be desired. Horrible script? Check. Egregious miscasting? Check. Movie that's way too long. Check. Not even revisiting the film by the director three times in order to create newer cuts could save this massive turkey of a film.

Thank goodness for fan editors though. There are two others out there that bear mentioning. One is The A to B Cut by PeterScene which does an admirable job of re-editing the extremely long film into something chronological and more cohesive. The other is Spence's Alexander Cut which heavily trims the film into something far more viewable and more easy to follow. But while I enjoy both of these fan edits, Alexander - Warrior King by KmartKid is by far my favorite reworking of Oliver Stone's ultimate disaster.

KmartKid took an axe to this behemoth and was absolutely brutal in excising huge portions of this abomination. He then took a scalpel to the rest of the footage and did an absolutely amazing job restructuring it into an hour and a half lean, mean, fighting machine. The sheer madness of carving out a cohesive story out of the monstrous heaping pile of garbage that is Alexander is absolutely astonishing. Close to 500 individual edits, a new soundtrack, and almost all new sound effects makes this movie a worthwhile viewing. Alexander - Warrior King is now my go to when I get an itch to revisit Alexander. It's a literal masterpiece when compared to the dumpster fire Oliver Stone created.

I can't recommend this fan edit enough. Get it as soon as possible and watch it repeatedly. You won't be sorry.

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