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What an absolute masterpiece of an edit by KMartKid! How in the world was this edit even in the same universe of the horrific theatrical edition? I cannot even fathom it. Easily one of the best narrative and enjoyment improvements done to a movie.

The edit from beginning to end was a great and enjoyable watch. I never cringed or wanted to give up like I did a long time ago when I watched the movie. I was highly engaged throughout the whole movie. This edit is easily one of the best transformations from a terrible movie to an engaging and entertaining one. From beginning until the end, we are given a strong and well-structured narrative. Everything cut was an absolute necessity, particularly all the distracting love stories that detract from the war narrative.

The 4K visual quality was stunning and even some of the visual corrections made enhanced the movie as was shown in the forum thread. For a movie that was chopped up into several pieces, you would be lucky to find any noticeable or awkward cuts anywhere in this movie. This was excellently put together - including new footage and CGI shots.

The new musical score incorporated fit in very nicely throughout this movie. I do think the song chosen for the closing credits was not the best fit for a movie that was set in the prior time period. I also noticed that in the opening childhood scenes the musical score often swallowed the dialogue of some of the characters. It gave me a hard time hearing what people were saying. These are my only critiques.

Overall, I want to thank the editor for sharing the edit with me. This is a definite must-watch for those who like history movies like I do. For those on the fence, you will not regret watching this. I will certainly hang on to this and rewatch in the future.

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