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The amount of film removed here is insane; 123 min in total. That’s unusual and there was a high change the final version would become a much different film compared to the original.
And it did; I hated the original but I loved this edit. It is, without a doubt, one of the greatest improvements to a film I’ve seen on a fanedit.

The ridiculous love triangles are gone, and good riddance. I don’t think the original authors knew that ancient Greece and Macedon societies were actually more complex than just polyamorous/ polygamic relations.
Also, no more narration. That’s always a plus to me.

I fully agree with the removal of (almost) all of the Dutch angles; although they have a function in cinematography, their use should be sparce and parsimonious, or the intended effect easily becomes diluted and futile.

The heavily edited battle sections are one of the highlights here. So many things were improved, with a special mention to the 180-degree rule. Just that one made the chaotic fights much more comprehensible to the viewers.

The new time / location transitions were well executed. With one exception: the Babylon shots from Marvel's "Eternals"; those felt really out of place, in particular because the size of this Babylon is much different than the one we see in the rest of the film (much bigger and extravagant).

The 4K quality is a treat.

The replaced score sounded great to me, but of course, in this regard, it will depend on each one’s taste of music. I thought the score made the film much more epic and grandiose. In a curious way, the score works even better in this film than it does in the original “Conquest of Paradise”. The arrival to Babylon is epic because of the new score.

My only issue was that in a few sections with the new audio, the dialogue became a bit less perceptible. I could still hear the voices, but that change was noticeable.

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