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Alien 2: Q2 Edition review

Alien 3 was an unusual film, visually great and well acted, not a great David Fincher film but a below par Fincher is still better than what Hollywood has to offer. The problem for me and I assume with so many was killing off the characters of Hicks and Newt, with this fanedit Q2 has successfully removed theses characters in making this a sequel to the original Alien film. In an era of reboots and sequels that ignore the original this edit seems relevant. Alien 3 never felt like a sequel to Aliens instead it took alot of elements from Alien, the one alien hunting down the inmates, no weapons , slower paced.

Q2 doe’s well in making this a sequel to Alien however the problem with the edit is more to do with the original film it self. Just how Ripley got impregnated is a mystery, the awful puppetry work on the alien, and as I’ve mentioned the killing off key characters, the film doesn’t move the story along but felt like the franchise was moving backwards. Aliens will always be one of my favorite films and while I enjoyed and recommend this edit for me the series ended after Aliens.

Original Alien 3 score 6/10
Q2 Alien 2 fanedit score 7/10
An improvement over the original film and successfully deliveries what the editor set out to achieve however the films flaws are mainly with the original release. Recommend viewing though it won’t be replacing Aliens as it’s sequel for me

I watched the xvid version on my laptop and had no more problems in terms of quality. The sound seemed alittle low at the beginning and they were a couple of audio problems. First when the inmates go to the crashed site around 6:50 and then around 28:30 when we go into the canteen, though it’s been a while since I’ve seen Alien 3 and it could just be me. The only problem with the plot was around the 40min mark when Ripley says the other Aliens were afraid of fire. With ignoring the events of Aliens Ripley has only encountered one other alien
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