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FanMix April 04, 2011 6258
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This was definitely a different take on the film and actually quite a great idea.

The editing was good, but unfortunately lacked character development, for the crewmembers.
The audio work was good, and didn’t change in levels too much. Was hardly noticeable.
What you where trying to do here though with Special Effects as well as footage from other films was very impressive, and creative. I can’t really knock ya for trying here, some of the effects where really well done and I know roto-scoping that queen from AvP was a big pain. The only thing I have to say is the colors in the composite where a little off so you could really see on those sequences what you where adding, but it was such a creative and large Endeavour to go about, we can’t really knock ya for attempting FX of these levels.

Very well done and definitely a creative take on Alien 4 which was a pretty horrible movie to begin with.

I would love to see an edit that does away with the whole Flesh Alien thing.

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