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catferoze did an excellent job incorporating the deleted scenes seamlessly and maintaining surround sound. Further, the trims and cuts to the xenomorphs were also done seamlessly. There are still plenty of aliens and blood here, not to worry. Now there's a better feeling of tension and mystery. Well done!! Below are my detailed explanations for each sub-rating:

Audio/Video Quality: 8 stars. Very good quality. Some dark scenes had slight artifacts.
Visual Editing: 9 Stars. 100% seamless cuts. Well done. The way the Walter promo was added during the credits, with the credits shrinking down to it's own little box, did not feel like something that would have been in an official film release. It felt like when networks add their own commercials to credits and basically make them unreadable. Perhaps, visually, this should have been it's own post credits scene.
Audio Editing: 10 Stars. 100% seamless cuts and transitions. Maintains the feeling you are watching the real film not a fanedit. Further, the 5.1 surround is maintained!
Narrative: 9 Stars. The deleted scenes which were added enhance the film with added character development.
Enjoyment: 9 Stars. Much improved over the theatrical release. The trims to the xenomorphs made this a better movie as well!!!

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Owner's reply May 25, 2021

Thank you for the review! And the criticism of the walter promo presentation, which was a last minute addition, is very helpful!

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