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I have always thought this is a very creepy space movie and also how government and corporate wants/needs are deemed more important than a human life. And this edit still keeps all that intact for me. Remember I don't do "techie" reviews. But I did (finally?) see one edit that was a bit off. Dunno if it is in an original copy of the film. But for me it does nothing to distract the enjoyment of this film/edit. Usually when I watch a film or tv show I have other things going in the background either just for noise or to glance at in case I get bored with what I am watching. But this edit kept my attention until the end credits. The color was great and I saw detail that I have not seen in the past. One thing that did stand out for me is that the ship and all the other hi hi tech stuff the had to accomplish their "mission" but the video monitors were crap. I know at the time no real cgi or good video monitors so.... Ok on my entertainment scale I will give this 4.75 popcorns out of 5. Nothing to do with the edit but just some other "dated" things in the film. This was a fun time

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Owner's reply December 03, 2023

Thanks for your glowing review! I am so glad you enjoyed it. Hope you look forward to my Aliens edit next.

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