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All Work and No Play by Jack Torrence

I never knew that such a movie as The Shining, could ever change in such a total different way.
No spoiler alert, I could say, you make a total different version of The Shining.
There is so much changed that you really have to pay attention.
Me, as a admirer of The Shining, had to analyze the movie three times to figure out the changes. Small and not to expect changes.

I give as advice to any other viewers.
Do not compare with the original, because there is no comparison.
This Fanedit is called “All Work and No Play”, this is what I give as advice.

Maniac, you must have to have a rich imagination to accomplish this !
You’ve succeeded again, Maniac.
Highlights in editing and sound editing with ratings:
1. A lot of dialogue cuts. 10/10
2. The use of existing sound with new images 10/10
3. Penderecki & Ligeti’s soundtracks mixed together, it works very well 10/10
Maybe it's easy to change a scene from color to b/w but……… only when you understand where you should post this.
Exactly ! The Gold Room. Perfectly done. Maniac, you’re a genius !
I understand your way of thoughts.
Enough said.
Go see this ! Go see this ! Go see this !

Thanks for this genius masterpiece.

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