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(Updated: September 02, 2019)
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This was, dare I say it, an amazing edit.

I did not like the cinematic version too much. Max Dillon (Electro) was not a very compelling character before he got his powers, and came complete with an annoying signature tune: he was very cartoonish, jarring with the darker mood of the rest of the film. The whole subplot with the secrets of Peter Parker's parents bloated the film, and was not especially interesting (the two are ciphers in the comics, with Peter's family really being his aunt and uncle), essential to the plot (linking absolutely everything including the kitchen sink to the machinations of Norman Osborne and/ or Oscorp is neither needed nor a very promising thread) and it never provided a pay-off (in terms of character development, stage-setting for a sequel, motivations, etc.). The core story, around friendship, betrayal, the costs of being a hero, the price of making moral choices, sacrifice and the issue of whether ends justify any means (as Harry and Norman Osborne, Oscorp, Electro all clearly reckon), all taking us into the usual guilt-ridden-but-truly-heroic territory of Spider-man, got lost.

With this edit, deleting the mystery that never was and which no one anywhere ever showed any interest having solved (the fate of the Parker parents), adding in some deleted scenes (that really do help develop the story), removing some other stuff (Rhino at the end, for example) and having a focus on a the big issues helped Max/ Electro stand out in clearer relief , and the basic viciousness of Harry to shine through, and enabled the tragedy of Gwen to hit like a hammer blow. It becomes a genuinely powerful and moving story .

I would have probably left out the Ravencroft stuff at the end as it is not very useful (do we really need to know what happened to Harry, or that he has a mysterious helper and access to a Rhino suit?) and does not fit so well with the other stuff going on at the time (mourning, despair, rebirth). But its not biggie, and I have nothing but respect for the masterful job the editor did overall.

So: a great, great fanedit that makes an okay-ish film really, really (here I go again) amazing.

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