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Does exactly what it says on the tin and does it really well: this fan edit (re)builds a really good film by adding in deleted material, moving things around, and ruthlessly cutting "all the crap and all the clutter" meant to set up sequels.

It clips along at a brisk pace, and the big theme about connections between people -- including Spidey's (doomed) effort to balance love for Gwen and his great responsibility -- is front-and-centre. Fewer lame jokes, less waffling; more action and a clearer emotional core; the interminable side-tracking to the world's least interesting, most inconsequential mystery, the fate of the Parkers, is gone, gone, gone. Seamless editing.

Honestly, I'd say what we have here is now one of the three best Spider-Man films ever (the first two by Sam Raimi still top the list, IMO), and something far better than the current bland, emotionally empty series with Tom Holland.

I really, really liked EXPOED's "Amazing Spider-Man 2: Reworked" but this is shorter, tighter and punchier.

PS. I didn't give audio full marks, because on my copy there is a brief silence when Gwen is taking leave of Harry in the lift during her escape from the Oscorp building – Harry talks but nothing comes out. Maybe something wrong with my copy? Happy to edit the marks back in if it’s just me.

Otherwise pretty much flawless.

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