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This fanedit is from the same editor of the first film and completes his vision of the Amazing Spider-man films, one where the first film completes the story about the mystery of Peter’s past, while the second film focuses only on Peter’s present. Sort of. By nature of the plot of this film, Harry Osborne is an old friend of Peter’s who comes home due to the death of his father and Max becomes Electro, and Gwen Stacy is moving to London, and yeah it’s still a bit jumbled, but the fanedit removing the Parker parents subplot makes it far less so. The fanedit allows these plots to breathe or take up their own space more. There’s a few moments where “this is an edit” pop out to me, pretty much any time the Richard Parker briefcase is seen in the closet.

Yet the things that always worked about the Amazing Spider-man films, the Gwen Peter young love story, the Spider-man character’s fluid movements, the two electro fight set-pieces, the emotional climax, and Garfield’s over-abundance of responsibility. The fan-edit mostly is to streamline its focus on the three main stories above, yet they all feel really disparate, almost as if they only intermingle due to plot devices to get us there.

I have to say though, I still think the emotional climax of the film taking place (during the Goblin fight) is a beautifully conceived moment and maybe one of the best moments of Spider-man film franchise history. It adds a huge sense of gravitas to the film that really was struggling to find it’s identity.

A few things this edit does to improve the original cut is the wonderful new theme for Harry, it’s haunting and it works. Harry here is introduced right from the get go and it really does make the story feel like it’s about Peter and Harry than it is about Electro as the main villain. It helps a ton and really ties the opening and ending climax, as well as the opening shot of the watch and the ending of the clock. It’s all about how much time these characters have with each other, strengthening Harry’s thematic motivations of trying to fight his disease.

It’s a super strong edit one I really enjoyed. My favorite thing about these two edits is the new openings. They tie the films thematically so much better than the original openings did.

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