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Masirimso17 Amazing Spiderman 1 edit the Untold extended edition was a movie that only had the deleted scenes added in to flesh out characters with the odd trim to help with flow. The only real edit was the full inclusion of the parents subplot from ASM2 which not only felt so much better there as it tied everything up with a perfect bow, and that's all it set out to do.
Amazing Spider Man 2 untold finale edition is much more of a fanfix and really shows Masirimso17 editing skills, the original movie was a mess I really felt for Marc Webb here as I wondered how much was his vision and what was studio interference. This edit was amazing (heh) the fact that removing/adding dialogue can make such a difference to a movie, Electro's motivations are way better, and the removal of his more campy dialogue is welcome. Harry's paranoia works better here and one line of dialogue saying that he's going to die far quicker than his father explains why he's going to such extremes. The biggest fix to me was the inclusion of the month title cards some may find it a little on the nose but I find they show the passage of time better, and helped me understand the motivations of Harry getting crazy and why Peter would approach him when he did as I now have an actual set amount of time in my head. Its such a small change but it worked wonders on the movie for me. Removing the sinister six teaser was a good call as we don't see them anyway.
The ending still moves a little to fast for me but that's kind of unavoidable for the editor this is a far better edit than the theatrical cut and much like his ASM1 cut is the only way I will watch this movie in the future.

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