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I love Spider-Man.
I love Andrew Garfield.
But I am fairly indifferent to Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man films.

They are stories with good, even great parts, but the whole just plays out very uneven, unsatisfying and unnecessary.

They were movies I was not really interested in revisiting but after being very impressed with Lantern51's PUNISHER fan edit, I figured if anyone could redeem this movie, it was this fan editor.

And I was right.

Immediately, the movie gets off to smarter start than the original by being honest and putting "PART ONE" right up front in the main title. This immediately alters the viewer's expectations. The audience become more open to possible unresolved plot threads, instead of feeling suckered with sequel/franchise bait like they did in the original. Though, thankfully, almost all of these elements have been expertly removed from this fan edit.

The next best thing Lantern51 accomplished was making Peter instantly relatable and likeable. This was something sorely lacking from the first act in the theatrical version. Now Peter is less mopey, angry skater boy and more just regular average kid just trying to get by. Well done Lantern!!!

The editor must also hailed for some great audio work. Lots of music and sound replacement was seamlessly done. While I may not have loved every new music choice, I admit they did play better than the original. One audio oddity of note, I found the audio during the scene where Peter visits Dr. Conner at his house to be very low. I had to turn up the volume significantly for that single scene in order to clearly discern the dialogue.

This fan edit also makes great use of many deleted scenes, most of which are incorporated very well. Though some of the Conner in the sewer stuff played a wee bit choppy for me. Also, the newly added Doorman scene, looked distinctly different from the rest of the movie -- perhaps too much saturation and DNR? But all the reinstated scenes do either fill plot holes or improve character beats, so it is a trade off.

Narratively, I thought it was a bold choice to drop the Revenge Subplot. The montage of Peter evolving/training to become Spider-Man was a bit uneven, and I agree with another reviewer that it may have played stronger if not interrupted by the Captain Stacey scene. Aunt May vanishes for most the of second half of the movie, and I admit her absence was missed. But I loved the dramatic ending. It is very Peter Parker, and the continued use of the rain storm sound effects over the closing credits was very powerful.

Overall, this is a much more linear, focused narrative than the original. Our hero is more likeable and the overall tone is more enjoyable. So while I found this fan edit to be better than the theatrical edition, it is still hindered somewhat by elements of the source material that can not be undone. Nevertheless, an excellent redemption fan edit and I look forward to Part Two.


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