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First, let me state that Spiderman has ALWAYS been one of my favorite comic characters, right up there with Superman. As a kid, I loved the 1977 TV series starring Nicholas Hammond as Spiderman. The Sam Raimi trilogy was perfection (even number 3), so when these two movies came out, I bought them on DVD and was totally disappointed. I shelved them with little interest in re-watching. Then, when "No Way Home" came out and Garfield appeared, I was surprised how much I liked him. I always intended to revisit the two films, but finally decided to do it watching this fanedit version instead.

First, I'm giving this all 10's because it works. Yes, I did catch a formerly deleted scene having a slight (very slight) degraded quality from the rest of the movie, but I'm not faulting the faneditor for that. The scene works and I'm glad it is put back into the film. The thing that makes this fanedit so much better than the original is that Garfield is now a far more likeable character and not some "punk jerk kid."

I'm still not a huge fan of this film, but at least now it's worth watching. My wife said, "I really like this," so that is VERY high praise. If you're a fan of "No Way Home," but never liked the Garfield movies and thought about revisiting them, then this is the way to do it.

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