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The Amazing Spider-Man Part 2 theatrical release was much weaker than part 1. We have much more “filler” content and bloat. That left a lot more room for improvement. I really do believe lantern51 elevated this movie to a good enough quality that I fully intend to rewatch in the future when I go through a Spider-Man marathon.

First and foremost, making Max/Electro a secondary villain was the correct choice in favor of elevating Harry and the Green Goblin. Unfortunately, it does weaken Max’s character development, but this was a necessary sacrifice to elevate the overall quality of the movie. Use of some deleted/extended material to develop Harry’s character were also well done even if at times the footage was of lower quality. I believe a stronger narrative should outweigh perfect visual quality. In addition, I like the fleshing out of the Peter/Harry relationship as it provides connective tissue to the tragic relationship in the Raimi trilogy.

I think the strongest improvement to this movie was the alternative ending where we see Peter’s dad. This was a much better way to close off the Amazing Spider-Man movie series. The theatrical was underwhelming. This was a superior close that even gives us the iconic “With great power comes great responsibility line.” How could you possibly leave that out?

I know some other reviews are critical of changing the music/soundtrack. I cannot comment on that as I simply do not remember because I watched this movie only once before with no intention of watching it again as I did not believe the theatrical was of good enough quality. With that said, I do believe the soundtrack included in the edit is solid. It should not be a dealbreaker here.

Overall, lantern51 elevated Part 2 much more than Part 1 of the edits, and that is largely because Part 2 really needed the improvements to what were a lot of disjointed narratives. On top of that, it really made me like the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man much more, particularly with that alternative ending - much more powerful!

I, again, want to thank lantern51 for sharing these edits. I enjoyed them and recommend others do so as well.

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