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I had the chance to go see Amazing Spider-Man when it first came out. I loved it. I gave us a different Spidey compared to the Raimi films. It was closer to the comics, imo. It even took some pages from the Ultimate Spider-Man comic series. It is my favorite Spidey film so far.

Then I had the opportunity to watch this edit, which have to say is really well done. It provides an alternate take on it. Some of the small nitpicks I had with the original, they've been removed. The one that makes Spidey more of a hero is that in this edit, the quest for Uncle Ben's killer has been removed. It doesn't take away from the film because it had been dropped in the original.

The deleted scenes that have been inserted into the film. It helps provide more depth to these characters. That's something that while there was a bit of in the original. There were some instances where certain characters got less depth than others (Dr. Connor's looking at you). A few add a lil bit more fun to it (Peter going to Gwen's for dinner), there was one scene that was a bit of a stand out that was nice. That being the scene between Dr. Connors and his son, Billy. It was a nice touching moment that added a bit to the character.

Also love the contrast that was added to the film. It brightens the film up and makes it less of the dark vein (Dark Knight tone that the original had) and more of the superheroics that we wished to see.

This is an edit that I'd recommend. It does a great job of providing an alternate take on The Amazing Spider-Man (I'd refer to it as Amazing Spider-Man 1.1).

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