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I sort of have to counter Iamsotravelsized's review. Firstly I saw ASM in the cinema and secondly I loved Raimi's first two films (I'm slowly getting to appreciate the 3rd as fanedits seem to improve the narrative along the lines of what I think the film should follow) but I'm not here to talk about Raimi's version. But basically I liked parts of ASM, just enough to own the film.

I think this is several steps in the right direction, there's still a few things that irk me but Spider-man's cockiness has been reduced somewhat. We once again no longer see the actual confrontation with Uncle ben, We learn it as peter lears it, it worked in 2001, it works here and it makes Uncle Ben seem like less of an idiot (i'll try and downtalk an armed man using morals and ethics...) A few scenes have been restored, others trimmed, I don't really want to talk specifics because I think the film generally has a much better flow to it now. I actually like Emma Stone again.

Do yourselves and favour and see this edit, it might not be SPECTACULAR, it might not be the ULTIMATE fan edit for this film, but it's the best one avaiable for the time being and it's simply AMAZING (see what I did there)

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