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Audio/Visual Editing: Transitions were all seamless, if there were any problems I didn't notice them

I first watched The Amazing Spiderman when I bought the Blu-ray (at my friends insistence, him being a huge spider-junkie) about a year and a half ago. I thought it was fine, a perfectly passable action adventure movie with great chemistry between the lead character and his love interest. In my mind it didn't have any particular flaw, it just wasn't a fantastic movie.

And, for the most part, my opinion of this edit is the same. I like the color correction quite a bit, and I like the reincorporated deleted scenes. I can certainly say that this edit is superior to the original film, although by how much is up for debate. The real change that I noticed was that Dr. Connors is a lot more fleshed out of a character than before, he feels a little more real, a little more human. The other thing that I noticed was that Norman Osborn's motivations were made a little more clear this time around. These are good things, and I didn't miss any of the deleted scenes.

Overall, I recommend this over the original movie. In the words of steelio2006, it really is The Amazing Spiderman 1.1

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