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(Updated: November 19, 2021)
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This fan edit blew my mind!

The addition of Peter's parents Roosevelt storyline was an incredible choice that I wouldn't have thought would make the film way more enjoyable to watch.

The story's first act was really weak, Andrew's performance as Peter was, for me, sometimes cringe worthy with his over-confidence and cool guy persona that I believe doesn't fit the character of Peter Parker at all. The movie, however, does a drastic turn, after Uncle Ben's death.

The addition of a couple deleted scenes to develop Curt Connors's character more and the aforementioned parents scenes, like the plane and Roosevelt reveal at the end, made the movie more complete at the end. With a pretty well-developed villain with fully explained motivations, and this edit also manages to resolve all possible loose threads.

This fan edit was super fun to watch with a second and third act, incredible to watch as a spidey fan. Great action scenes, great romantic scenes with Peter and Gwen and a depressing but also hopeful ending just like the second one of the Amazing Spider-Man duology.

This was the first time, I believe, I truly loved and enjoyed the movie. It was so much fun! Thanks Masirim for making this! This my now definitive version of the film and can't wait to watch it again someday!

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