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FanMix August 30, 2021 2242
(Updated: September 09, 2021)
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In short: masterpiece, from my point of view.
I love the original movie but over the years my enthusiasm decreased for it as i found it more and more exhausting to watch the stories back and forth.
By seperating the two stories and telling each one as a whole L8wrtr did something i never thought about and it works perfectly.
Enough room for the characters to develop is created, although he didn‘t change the narrative of them.
The transition from Richie to Frank due to the observation and taking a photograph at the box event is perfect.
Great craftsmanship!
The only thing i’ve to „criticise“ is the overall quality of the file, as i’m a little bit of a perfectionist to have movies near bluray quality = higher bitrate ~15-20 mbps.

While watching, i thought: what would it be like if we where to explore Franks story first? As i still felt, i kind of saw Frank as a „villain“. But also realized that’s my perspective of a cop and society. It´s definetly the right decision L8wrtr made.

EDIT: L8wrtr stated that he´ll release a encode with bluray quality, so this edit deserves the full 10 out of 10

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