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I'll start off this review by saying: Unlike all other fanedited/fixed movie I've seen on this site, I have not actually seen the Original film. Secondly, the editing here was flawless, there's nothing else to be said. 10s across the board, I noticed nothing. I feel like I saw this film in theatres for all intents and purposes.

I very much enjoy gangster and crime movies (I'm partial to The Departed) I've seen and enjoyed most of the major ones that everybody is "supposed" to see. However, I'm not sure why yet, but I didn't particularly care for this movie. I doubt it had anything to do with L8wrtr's approach, but I found myself pretty bored by a film that seemed to be pretty cookie-cutter for the genre. I felt like I was watching a NYC version of Goodfellas or Narcos (I know this came out way before Narcos) I can't help but wonder if the bi-linear narrative would have been more enjoyable for me personally, or if my lack of enjoyment was due to the source material.

In bionicbob's review he said that he watched this movie with his wife who had not seen it, while he himself had seen it many times and loved it. In my case, I think I will be watching the original film here in the near future with my wife and adjusting my review accordingly, due to what I've stated above.

All that being said, this was by no means a bad movie, a bad edit, or even a negative review! (Despite what it seems!) I think taking a bi-linear narrative and restructuring it into two independent POV chapters, and then keeping the bi-linearity intact for the third chapter is an ingenious idea, and deserves credit for taking such a fresh approach. This is not a negative review, you achieved exactly what you set out to do here L8wrtr, I think you did a spectacular job, and I hope you continue to bless us with many more edits and fixes in the future.

- Stromboli

P.S. If I watch the original and enjoy it LESS with the original structure, I'll absolutely be bumping my enjoyment rating up.

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