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ANAKIN: A Tale of the Sith Code
Shorts April 15, 2024 560
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Wel, what an extraordinary idea and execution!

I was not sure what to expect nor how it would play for much so I watched it a few times, and on each viewing I like it mor, and more.

Everything is top notch.

I would have moved the over the shoulder shot of Vader on the ramp watching the blockade runner fly off to BEFORE the long close up since the close up stright off the bat I found jarring. By moving that one shot (if if its split), gives the viewer the context that a new thread has not started (which is what my brain did). I shall be happy to revisit my narrative score should any tweaks be made.
HOWEVER, this is a very well executed, dark and brooding piece which is well worth anyones 5 mins. This is what fan editing is all about; pushing the boundaries and exepcations. That final quote puts the Jedi in the "fake news" camp"...truly disturbing, and a great touch!

Nicely done indeed.

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