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FanFix December 31, 2022 2548
(Updated: August 24, 2023)
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I remember watching Annihilation at the theater and being spellbound and unnerved, especially in the culminating lighthouse scene. Reading over the changelog and comparing some scenes to the theatrical edition, I realize how much more Scribbling Man elevates the film and trims the fat. I agree with others that this IS the definitive version.

The cuts and transitions and newly re-arranged scenes were all professionally done. I did notice 2 changes I wanted to add here for completeness: 1) 19:46 - the fade away from Lena's laugh feels a bit abrupt and 2) 53:22 - Lena's "hold on" almost appears dubbed or out of sync. However, these don't warrant removing editing points for.

Additionally, excellent opening/closing titles, and thank you for including subtitles!

As a whole, this is a seamless edit that I highly recommend and will turn to for future watches. Thank you for sharing your work!

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Owner's reply August 27, 2023

Thank you for the generous review and feedback! It's very much appreciated :)

19:46 - this was a tricky edit that I redid a number of times. It sits well with me at this point, but I've probably become too familiar with the material. If it keeps coming up I'll def consider going back in again.

53:22 - good catch. This scene has a number of things going on and that moment is indeed dubbed (the line is normally off screen). It was a compromise made to retain visual continuity from Lena getting from the door to having walked towards the group and facing them. I'm not sure what the alternative would be, but again, if it's something that continues to come up I will revisit it.

Thanks again :)

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