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Not my favourite of the Austin Powers movies, and the extended footage here is integrated with mixed levels of success (the 'legs' thing added to the opening has a very jarring hard cut when it cuts back to the remainder of the musical number), I really liked the 'What's It All About Austin' scene as well as Scott taking over the family buisness, it's one of the only real times you feel they made a mistake leaving those out. Some of Goldmember's antics are put back in place too but they do drag out scenes that were perfectly fine the way they are. Overall, an ideal edit would be to leave in "What's It All About Austin" and Scott taking over scenes, and edit other parts of the movie out..I'm sure I have ideas for it, but hey, it's not my edit.

As an extension of Goldmember, it highlights what could have been, but it also shows us some tripods are best left in miniature
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