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This is a great edit to introduce anyone to the series, even more specifically to those that have extremely low patience to go from one episode to another. This edit has the chance to catch and hook 'em, then they will go willingly watch the rest episode by episode.

"0:42:59 - Not a big fan of the moon transition but you did what you could and there was a lot of editing in this scene already. I think if I hadn't seen the original I would have noticed but to me the moon sticks out like a sore thumb."
I half agree that cutting to the moon and THEN transitioning to the sun just doesn't sit right. Could be the length of the shot, but something takes me out of the scene

skipping the moon entirely and cutting to the sun would work better, but then you wouldn't have your intended "passage of time", so not much to work there. I have some of that in my own edits, so i can relate to the struggle.

As for the comment about 1:04:23 I can only rate it based on this specific edit, not the upcoming ones or the overall stuff.

Maybe there could be a compromise where you leave the calm music at the start of the credits, then the pause happens at 1:04:40 and you insert the other track.

I apologize if I rambled too much. Not great at expressing my feelings in a coherent and concise way.

Thanks for your work. I also have problems with motivation (have some stuff done since 2019 taking dust) so keep it up.

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Owner's reply February 04, 2024

Thanks for leaving your thoughts. Greatly appreciated :)

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